Centre for Phytophthora Science & Management (CPSM)

Pathology and Mycology Services

Our team of plant pathologists and mycologists are skilled in the diagnosis of a range of other plant diseases in native, horticultural and plantation forestry species and identification of fungi. This service is offered independently to routine Phytophthora analysis with the approach dependent on the species of interest, sample submitted, symptoms presented and techniques utilized for analyzing the sample.

Following an initial assessment, the client is presented with a recommendation for analysis utilizing the most appropriate methods for the given situation which may include traditional culture-based techniques and DNA based diagnostic tools.

Sample collection:

This is entirely dependent on the species involved. Please see our section on Sample Collection for guidance. If unsure, please contact the centre for more information prior to submitting samples.

Our Approach

  • The analysis procedure is largely dependent on the target species and sample material submitted for analysis. Samples may be cultured on a broad range of antibiotic-selective media to narrow down the likely pathogens involved. Analysis times will be dependent on the incubation period of the putative pathogens involved.
    (10-21 days)*
  • DNA based diagnostic tools will be utilized where deemed appropriate in consultation with the client.
    (7-10 days)

* Analysis times may vary depending on the time taken for isolates to grow in culture with some species taking considerably longer than others. Where new media and DNA probes need to be ordered, further delays may be incurred.