Centre for Phytophthora Science & Management (CPSM)

Sample Analysis Costs

Phytophthora Diagnostics - Fees and Charges

$160* per sample

Other Pathogen Diagnostics - Fees and Charges

$300* per sample

*Diagnosis costs include molecular identification as required.

Please note: Fees are negotiable for large batches of samples. Please contact CPSM to discuss



Additional Services

Disease Management Consultancy

We can advise on pathogen-related management issues and will work with the client to establish a suitable disease management plan: $165 per hour (inc GST)

Sample Collection

CPSM staff are available to collect soil samples and/or set and harvest water baits from the field. Contact CSPM staff for costing.

Culture storage

After isolation and identification of an isolate the culture can can be put into long term storage for an extra fee of $100 per culture.